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Hero - Limited Edition Treatments

This year is all about warming candle wax massages and nourishing body drench wraps. So after months of darkening hours and harsh weather, there’s never been a better time to indulge and replenish your skin with some deliciously hydrating TLC. That’s why we’ve taken our guest experience to new heights with the introduction of four new limited edition treatments which will be available between February and May 2017.

These indulgent and enriching body massages, wraps and scrubs deliver a deeply relaxing experience, incorporating nutrient rich superfoods and skin tingling antioxidants, through to the fresh scents of spring time and the exotic aromatics of the Far East.

Using rich, fragrant aromatics of indulgent cocoa butter, evening primrose, sweet orange, ylang ylang and peppermint oils, combined with focussed pressure patterns and salt scrubs, each of the new treatments have been specially formulated to revitalise and refresh, providing balance to the body and leaving the skin feeling renewed. The new treatments include:

Cacao Flower Candle Massage
Delightfully enchanting candle massage scented with the chocolatey indulgent aromas of the cacao flower. Unwind, indulge & ignite your senses.

Chocolate Body Drench Wrap
Deliciously decadent & indulgent body wrap rich in nourishing cocoa butter & antioxidants. Organic & 100% natural. Detoxify, de-stress & restore.

Calming Oil Body Massage
Intensely relaxing massage with aromas of evening primrose, natural sweet orange, raspberry, ylang ylang & rosehip. Relaxing, restoring & balancing.

Peppermint & Marine Salt Scrub
The ultimate in luxury to exfoliate, smooth & stimulate your skin, refreshingly scented with peppermint. Illuminate, de-stress & nourish.

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All Limited Edition Spring Treatments: 25 minutes |  £30.00 
All treatments are available February – May 2017