Bianca Colclough & Adam Barnes Wedding


The stunning outdoor wedding of the new Bianca Barnes and Adam Barnes, who married here at Moddershall Oaks on the 24th June 2017.

We thought Bianca looked stunning and her wedding day seemed to have a certain unique touch which we wanted to share with the world! We caught up with Bianca about her wedding, what she adored, what she would change, and what she would do all over again, and how it feels to be Mrs Barnes. Of course, we wanted to know the soppy details too …


How does it feel to be married?
Adam and I have been together for 9 years, so it doesn’t really feel any different (in all honesty!) It was all part of the jigsaw and when we returned home from our honeymoon, everything just fell into place and felt so right.

Did you enjoy your honeymoon and our mini-moon?
We went to Mexico, it was beautiful. We of course didn’t want to leave our honeymoon behind but I couldn’t wait to get back to resume normal life! As I’ve said, we have been together for a long time and being Mrs. Barnes just felt so normal when we returned. Our mini-moon was such an amazing treat, we love your spa and facilities and it was great to wake up at our wedding venue to remind us of the amazing wedding day which took place only the day before!

How did you meet Adam?
We met in our local town on a night out, the club was called Pink. You know, the club everyone goes to when the party is over and everywhere is closed! I always remember he told me his full name when we introduced ourselves, and it has always stuck with me even now! “Hi, I’m Adam Barnes” It was so funny, and really quite ironic considering I am now Bianca Barnes! I watched him become visibly more drunk throughout the evening, we exchanged numbers and the next day he had forgotten my name! So, I took charge of the situation and tracked him down on Facebook! I think I added a lot of Adam Barnes, it is quite a popular name! It all seemed too special to just forget about. I really knew we had a connection. So soppy I know!


How did Adam propose?
It was a lovely surprise for the both of us actually! I had booked Las Vegas for Adam’s 30th birthday as a surprise, and he had planned to propose to me! (I think Adam’s mum spilled the details to him) Therefore, I didn’t realise he knew that I had booked Las Vegas as a surprise, because I didn’t know that he was planning to propose! So, when he got down on one knee next to the Bellagio fountains all I could think was – ‘how did you know about this?’ And then of course the moment dawned on me, and I said yes!

What made you decide to look around Moddershall Oaks?
I always knew that I wanted to get married at Moddershall Oaks, even before Adam proposed I always knew how my wedding was going to be, so when it came to the organising, I just got on with it! Moddershall Oaks was the first piece of the puzzle. I had a picture in my head of how I wanted my wedding to be – and Moddershall Oaks fitted the brief. It always has. It is so beautiful and peaceful, as well as completely unique. I am a very unique person, and it was so important to me that my wedding had completely my own stamp on it. Moddershall Oaks was the only place that guaranteed a blank canvas as such, with no built-in style or theme (like some local wedding venues), just completely versatile and changeable. I am so pleased that I chose Moddershall Oaks and all of my guests commented on how amazing my wedding was.


What made you choose Moddershall Oaks?
I loved the fact that Moddershall Oaks had its own vibe, anything and everything was possible. I was even able to make changes on the day! The gazebo could be dressed up exactly as I wanted it, the outdoor aisle could be decorated as I wanted, I was able to choose how I wanted the Venue to be dressed and laid out, and upmost – it was a perfect canvas to paint. I didn’t want to have a building or Venue which already had its own theme, like a stately home or a grand old venue. Moddershall Oaks has a really intimate and modern setting, it was literally so perfect in every way. I would also like to point out that I had an absolutely wonderful relationship with all of your staff, Zoe in particular. She was so attentive, and literally could not be more helpful. I know that spending a lot of time with any person gives you the opportunity to build a good relationship but I genuinely feel like I made a very good friend in Zoe.

What was your favourite element of your day?
I enjoyed the whole day overall, there is absolutely nothing that I would change. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff. More than anything it was so rewarding. It was so rewarding to see that everything I had planned and organised had really fell into place. I genuinely took stock of the fact that my guests were having such a great time, and there was nothing left untouched. It was such an amazing and satisfying moment to see my wedding day so joyful and successful too. So the best moment would probably be taking a step back and taking it all in, my efforts, my wedding day – amazing. When people say walking down the aisle was their favourite moment, I genuinely can’t remember that bit all that much (don’t judge me!) I think that the moment overall was just so overwhelming, that I just did it and didn’t realise what I was actually doing! It was the last piece of the puzzle for me, and it all just fell perfectly into place. I remember taking a look at my surroundings later that day and just thinking “well done Bianca!”.


What was your theme & why?
If anyone knows me and Adam, it’s that we are just so laid back and relaxed, and I really wanted my theme to reflect us and our personalities as much as possible. I didn’t want it to be like your average wedding, traditional and followed a certain routine. I wanted it to be unique and more importantly I wanted my guests to really love the day overall. Zoe really helped me to achieve my vision, we just clicked and the experience was so much better because of this. She understood exactly what I wanted and needed. I didn’t want all of my bridesmaids to be uniform and wearing the same colour, I really wanted to take a step out of the norm and ensure that all of my bridesmaids had their own identity that day. I always knew that I wanted my colours to be flattering and soft, dusky pink, white and ivory. I didn’t want the colours or the theme to overpower the day overall, I wanted it to be classic as well as romantic and modern. I had peonies and pink fern from Parsley & Sage, it looked stunning. There were a few times where Adam kind of went “that won’t work” but when he saw my concept come to life, he loved it. Always trust a woman’s instinct!

You looked stunning, did anything give you inspiration for your big day and the way you looked?
Adam was actually really shocked with my choice of dress! He expected me to be wearing a usual tight fitted laced bandeau dress. I actually really struggled with my wedding dress. I visited that many dress shops with my friends and family! One day I woke up and thought ‘right, I am doing this today and I am doing it alone!’ I think I expected to walk into a dress shop and just see something so beautiful and amazing and – me. I didn’t! The last shop I visited was Aisle of Brides in stoke, a huge credit to that shop and that lady. She was absolutely fantastic, and I fell in love with a dress I never expected to! It was simple yet sophisticated and it was just perfect. But, it took me a while to find the one! I am not really a girly girl, I do try to be – but sparkles and sequins don’t excite me. This dress ticked every box and I couldn’t have imagined wearing anything different. My hair I actually changed on the day! I am not really a hair up kind of person. On the day, in the morning I said to my stylist – “I want a fishtail plait!” I loved my look, and as I’ve said – I wouldn’t change a thing about the day.


Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would like to reiterate a massive thanks to Zoe. I only had 9 months to plan my wedding and without help from Color Pop Wedding Planning, it wouldn’t have been so amazingly organised. I would also like to say a massive thank you to all of my amazing suppliers. Thank you to Venue Perfection, Bib & Tucker Wedding Photography, Parsley & Sage for my flowers and Russelle for my amazing wedding cake.  I absolutely adored my day, the look and every member of staff and supplier that made it happen. Thank you to Moddershall Oaks for a spectacular day and thank you for choosing to write about my day.

Thank you to Bianca and Adam Barnes for giving us the opportunity to interview her about her special day. We wish you a very happy marriage and future.