Five Fun Wedding Ideas to Entertain Your Guests [Infographic]

Are you struggling to think of ways to keep your wedding guests entertained and having fun all day? There are plenty of wild and wonderful things you could do to make your special day that little bit more fun and unique—and your guests would no doubt love you for making it so memorable—but ultimately you need […]


Choosing Seasonal Wedding Flowers [Infographic]

Choosing seasonal wedding flowers is a great way to keep flower costs low. In every season there are flowers to match all colour schemes – ensuring your wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses and decorations will all look their best. Our expert wedding planners have made a list of seasonal flowers which are common at weddings, giving […]

wedding traditions

Bridal Styles from Around the World [Infographic]

There are some fascinating wedding and bridal traditions around the world. We’ve hosted a diverse range of weddings here at Moddershall Oaks and we’ve been so proud to facilitate so many wonderful traditions. In particular, bridal traditions change greatly from country to country and culture to culture. Here are some of our favourite bridal traditions […]

Wedding Photographer

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer [Infographic]

Your wedding photos will stay with you forever – a precious memento of your special day. Choosing from the many wedding photographers out there can be difficult. Here is an infographic giving you some advice so you know exactly what to ask before making a decision.

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake [Infographic]

Are you struggling to choose the perfect wedding cake? From wedding venue to wedding vows, from wedding dress to flower arrangements, there are so many opportunities to make your special day unique to you. The cake is an opportunity that often gets overlooked. Many people naturally gravitate to the traditional white wedding cake without a […]

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Same-Sex Marriage Statistics [Infographic]

We don’t think labels such as “gay friendly” or “same sex marriage” should be necessary when we talk about our wedding venue. Call us what you will, we just like to think of ourselves as a beautiful wedding venue for the celebration of love and commitment between two people, whatever their gender or sexual orientation. […]

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5 Awful Wedding Planning Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) [Infographic]

Our expert wedding planners have compared their vast experience to uncover the 5 most common wedding planning pitfalls that commonly catch out even the most prepared and organised couples. They know how important your special day is and, being the lovely people that they are, think that it’s only fair if they give you some […]

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The Best Times Of Year To Get Married [Infographic]

Planning a wedding means making some difficult choices. Seating plans, bridesmaids gifts, the dress, the shoes, the venue… but above all else you need to decide what time of year you want to get married. All four seasons have their charms and offer something a little bit different. Our infographic gives you a few starting […]