5 Wedding Planning Mistakes & How To Avoid Them [Infographic]

Our expert wedding planners have compared their vast experience to uncover the 5 most common wedding planning pitfalls that commonly catch out even the most prepared and organised couples. They know how important your special day is and, being the lovely people that they are, think that it’s only fair if they give you some free advice to help you avoid these awful wedding planning mistakes on the build up to your big day!

As well as pointing out the pitfalls, they suggest the reasons why successful weddings work so well – what exactly do these couples do which help them to avoid falling into these pitfalls?

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Text Version:

Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life and you only get one chance to make it perfect.

Too many people make mistakes in the wedding planning process. They then pay the price by going over budget and suffering much more stress than they need to. If only they’d planned properly! With this list, you can make sure you avoid what are some of the most common wedding planning pitfalls.

1. Doing Anything Before The Guest List

The Problem:
Everything you plan is going to be relative to the number of people attending your wedding. There’s a stark difference between planning a wedding for 30 and a wedding for 300.

The Fix:
Do it first! Everything depends on this. The venue, the catering, the literature – they all depend on how many people are going to attend.

2. Doing It All Yourself

The Problem:
There are tempting benefits to planning your wedding alone; you can keep an eye on your budget and you get direct control of making sure everything is uniquely ‘yours’. The downside is the inevitable burnout that comes when you try to plan a 300 person wedding.

The Fix:
Pick your battles! Choose the two or three projects that matter most to you and channel your energy into them. For the rest, research package versions of what you’re looking for and let a capable vendor handle it (We can recommend quite a few!)

3. Trying To Drop Last-Minute Dress Sizes

The Problem:
Finding the dress of your dreams is challenge enough, but finding out it doesn’t fit well is devastating. Don’t be tempted to buy a dress a size or two too small and think you can crash diet into a fit – you’ll lose more sleep than weight (and feel worse when it doesn’t work!)

The Fix:
Don’t do it! Eating right and exercising are great habits, wedding or not, but crash diets are not! Instead, find a dress you love that looks fabulous on you as you are. If you want to lose weight, do so healthily, gradually and be prepared to use your second and final fittings to make adjustments.

4. Talking About It (Too Much)

The Problem:
You’re excited. It’s hard not to tell everyone about your nuptials, but do try. The last thing you want is someone else stealing your ideas or disappointing everyone by changing something after it’s announced. People like surprises; use your wedding to give them some nice ones.

The Solution:
Know your close confidants and use them to consult and confide. You could even use this as a way to bond with your new mother-in-law. Online discussion boards can also be another great way to give and get advice without worrying that a wedding attendee will take your ideas.

 5. Planning Someone Else’s Wedding

The Problem:
Don’t forget that today is your special day – make the most of it and take time to enjoy it! Expectant family members from either side might want to guide your decisions towards their preferences and traditions. If you give in, you’ll end up planning the wedding that they want instead of the one that you do.

The Fix:
Don’t give in! Be diplomatic where you can, but know that you can’t please everyone. It’s fine to take little bits from both sides to facilitate the coming together of the families, just don’t let your own identity get lost in the process. When in doubt, stand with your partner as a united front and remind people that this is your wedding, not theirs.

With any luck you’ll get through your wedding with a minimum of worry. For a bit more help avoiding any weddings woes, our own wedding planners are on hand all year round to offer a helping hand.