The Best Times Of Year To Get Married [Infographic]

Planning a wedding means making some difficult choices. Seating plans, bridesmaids gifts, the dress, the shoes, the venue… but above all else you need to decide what time of year you want to get married. All four seasons have their charms and offer something a little bit different.

Our infographic gives you a few starting points to weigh up the seasons. What do you think about getting married in different seasons? If you think we missed off an interesting point then we’d love to hear from you!


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The date for your wedding is just as important as the venue. Each different season has its own qualities and, if you plan correctly, you can turn them to your advantage for magical results.

We’ve got four reasons why each of the four seasons can help you create wedding memories that last a life-time; it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Spring Weddings

Spring is the season for new beginnings. With all the new flora and fauna, it’s perfectly on-theme as the season to start your new married life together. Why choose spring?

  • Beat the summer rush by marrying before everyone else
  • Flowers will have started to bloom; tree buds will be bursting
  • A great range of in-season flowers: roses, peonies being most popular
  • Lowest rainfall levels – especially in April

Summer Weddings

Summer is the most popular time for a wedding. You’ll have lots of competition for dates and vendors, but if you can get it all to work, your wedding will turn out wonderfully. Why choose summer?

  • Gorgeous weather; clear skies and bright sunlight
  • Summer is the best season to capture on camera
  • The summer holidays mean children and their parents are free
  • The perfect season for an outdoor wedding

Autumn Weddings

With an autumn wedding, you can dodge the summer rush while taking advantage of autumn’s unique aesthetic elements. Why choose autumn?

  • The hues of the trees and leaves create superb scenery
  • Coordinate your colours with the venue’s foliage to look fantastic
  • Like Spring, Autumn temperature is nice and modest
  • No clashing with summer or seasonal holidays

Winter Weddings

Winter gets a bad rep for its weather, but there are plenty of positives that can actually make it your best choice; you just have to plan things correctly. Why choose winter?

  • Venues and vendors are less busy and often cheaper
  • Seasonal décor creates a memorable, unique touch
  • Feel extra cosy with a luxurious indoor wedding
  • There’s something romantic about all that snow

Whatever season you decide on for your wedding, our dynamic wedding venue can cater all year around. Contact our expert wedding planners for a helping hand.