Bridal Styles from Around the World [Infographic]

There are some fascinating wedding and bridal traditions around the world. We’ve hosted a diverse range of weddings here at Moddershall Oaks and we’ve been so proud to facilitate so many wonderful traditions.

In particular, bridal traditions change greatly from country to country and culture to culture. Here are some of our favourite bridal traditions from around the world.


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We’re all familiar with the traditional bridal gown—a white wedding dress for a white wedding—but this tradition is surprisingly young, beginning with Queen Victoria’s 1840 marriage to Prince Albert.

Have you ever wondered what wedding traditions look like outside of the British Isles? There are traditions out there that date farther back and have some incredibly vibrant styles. Here are some fantastic bridal styles from around the world:

1. China

In China, traditional weddings can draw from any of the nation’s historic dynasties. Each dynasty has its own style; whether that’s the red and black of the Zhou Dynasty, the red and blue of the Ming Dynasty, or the red and gold of the Qing Dynasty – a traditional Chinese wedding outfit will be almost always include red.

2. India

Weddings in India have many customs that are shared between Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Muslims. While this affords a great amount of diversity, there are still common elements in each. A bride’s wedding gown will often use deep red, indigo and turmeric colours accentuated by an array of jewellery (typically gold). However, it doesn’t end with the dress. Many brides also wear amazing traditional henna body art.

3. Norway

In Norway, a bridal bunad includes red, black, white and sometimes green colours. A bride will also wear a silver or gold crown with bangles attached to it that will jingle as the bride moves; the sound of which is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

4. Japan

Japanese weddings that follow Shinto traditions see the bride dressed in beautiful kimono robes. The colours of the kimono can vary greatly from traditional whites to vibrant floral patterns (while the groom typically wears black and white). The outfit is completed with a wataboshi headdress that echoes the familiar bridal veil tradition.

5. Morocco

Moroccan brides may change outfits multiple times during the course of their wedding. Traditional dresses will be in yellow, which is believed to ward away evil, or green, which is the colour of plants and is believed to bring good luck. Much like the Indian traditions, Moroccan brides will accentuate their dress with floral henna body art.

It’s amazing to see so many vibrant colours being used all around the world. Western wedding dresses may have moved on from Queen Victoria’s original white gown, but some of the artistry that occurs in other traditions is absolutely astounding.

Whatever style of ceremony you are looking for, our wedding venue can cater to your every need. The experts at Moddershall Oaks can help you plan your wedding and make the whole day a dream come true.