How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake [Infographic]

Are you struggling to choose the perfect wedding cake?

From wedding venue to wedding vows, from wedding dress to flower arrangements, there are so many opportunities to make your special day unique to you. The cake is an opportunity that often gets overlooked. Many people naturally gravitate to the traditional white wedding cake without a moment’s thought, but with less traditional options growing in popularity there’s plenty of creative inspiration out there.

From fun twists on the traditional wedding cake through to outright off-the-wall creations, the sky is the limit. After all, eating cake is supposed to be fun, so why not break the mould?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


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The tradition of the wedding cake can be traced back to Ancient Rome in 600BC, where bread was broken over the bride’s head as a symbol of luck. Wedding cakes as we know them didn’t emerge until the 19th century.

Since then, the range of cakes has expanded far beyond the original white-iced three-tier. There’s a whole industry based on crafting the most ornate and unique wedding cakes. When it comes to a modern wedding cake, it’s easy to be spoilt for choice. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you choose your perfect wedding cake from the most popular options:

1. The Traditional Wedding Cake

A traditional wedding needs a traditional cake. This classic design started with the 1840 wedding of Queen Victoria, where the white icing that we know and love was first used – earning it the name ‘royal icing’.

Choose this if:

You want a crisp, traditional wedding cake that keeps excess decorations to a minimum.

2. Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked cakes have grown in popularity in recent years. By forgoing any icing, you instead get to use the colour of the fillings to blend with the rest of your wedding’s colour palette. Popular cake decorations include complimentary fresh flowers and fruits.

Choose this if:

You want a simpler and more natural wedding cake that still has room for creativity.

3. Lace Wedding Cakes

Lace cakes are a step above the traditional wedding cake. Starting with the tried and true iced tiers, they are then accentuated with ornate lace trims and weaves that flow over the body of the cake.

Choose this if:

You want a more intricate and extravagant wedding cake that still holds true to tradition.

4. Cupcake Towers

Another emergent trend is to replace the single wedding cake with multiple cupcakes. You can still arrange them in a tiered tower and there is plenty of room for decorations. You can even have the best of both worlds by using a single cake at the top with tiers of cupcakes bellow.

Choose this if:

You want something different that is both fun and cost effective.

5. Custom Wedding Cakes

If you have something specific in mind, you can always go completely custom. Popular with themed weddings and younger couples who want something unconventional, the range of options is near limitless; just remember that as the details increase, so too will the price.

Choose this if:

You want something amazing, unique to you and you don’t care about the cost.

Whatever kind of cake you choose, make sure it’s served at an equally amazing venue. The experts at Moddershall Oaks can help you plan your wedding and make the whole day a dream come true.