Same-Sex Marriage Statistics [Infographic]

We don’t think labels such as “gay friendly” or “same sex marriage” should be necessary when we talk about our wedding venue. Call us what you will, we just like to think of ourselves as a beautiful wedding venue for the celebration of love and commitment between two people, whatever their gender or sexual orientation.

We do on the other hand sincerely believe that the Marriages (Same Sex Couples) Act which came into effect last year is a cause for celebration all in itself… and one that has been way too long in the making. To mark this monumental change in legislation, we’ve put together a short infographic looking at some of the stats from the early days of marriage equality.


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Last year the Marriages (Same Sex Couples) Act came into effect and enabled provisions for marriage between same-sex couples. Since then, we’ve been excited to support same-sex couples at our own wedding venue.

1. Early Days of Marriage Equality

In the first month of its application there were 95 marriages between same-sex couples. Since then, that number has only risen.

March – 95
April – 351
May – 465
June – 498

2. Girls2 and Boys2

Male and female couples were almost equally represented in the first months of same-sex marriages.

56% of Marriages were to Female Couples (796 marriages)
44% of Marriages were to Male Couples (613 marriages)

3. (Above) Average Ages

It’s well documented that the average age of newlyweds has increased over the decades. What’s more interesting is the difference between genders.

Same-sex couples have been getting married much later by comparison. Maybe this due to a different approach to marriage or children, maybe it’s because they have simply had to wait so long to get married!

Average Age 22.75 in 1971
Women – 21.3 years
Men – 24.2 years

Average Age 27.2 in 2001
Women – 26.3 years
Men – 24.2 years

Average Age in New Same-Sex Marriages
Women – 37 years
Men – 38.8 years

We’re happy to see that same-sex marriages have been such a well-received success! If you’re looking to plan your own wedding, the experts at Moddershall Oaks are here all year round to lend a helping hand.