Keep On Running!


Larissa Wilcox


With more and more people signing up to running events and marathons than ever before, running has become a staple in millennial life, and it’s set to become more popular than ever in 2019. An incredible 414,000 inspired runners have already applied in hope of getting a place in the 2019 London Marathon, a mere four weeks after the 2018 event.

Running is a great way to stay fit, relieve stress and it also helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes and reduce blood pressure. However, it can take its toll on the body, especially after running a long distance or marathon, which is why it’s so important to take time to rest, relax and recover afterwards.

With this in mind we have created the perfect recovery spa experience, specifically designed to alleviate aching muscles and soothe tired legs and feet.

Keep on Running is a spa day that begins with a refreshing, healthy smoothie upon arrival to top up those vital vitamins and minerals. Once you have enjoyed your drink you can head outside to explore the outdoor vitality pool amongst the rolling hills of vibrant green countryside. Tired legs can relax in the pool or hot tub and let the warm bubbling water begin to relieve the body.

Take advantage of our extensive thermal experiences; relax and unwind in the sauna and steam rooms with high humidity steam infused with Eucalyptus Milk, which is proven to revive sore muscles. Feel tension or tightness slowly evaporate as the heat from the sauna or steam room works its way through the skin, pushing deeper into the muscles and bones.

Those who are brave enough can follow this with a refreshing Experience Shower, which releases cold bursts of mist, fragrance and tropical rain to massage and invigorate the skin. The contrast between the hot and cold detoxes the body, improves the skins elasticity, provides relief from aches and pains, relaxes tired muscles, boosts circulation and enhances happiness and improved wellbeing. This practice is particularly beneficial for anyone recovering from intense exercise practices such as running.

If you would rather opt for a more comfortable and warm experience, soak tired legs and feet in our reflexology footbaths. Sit back and relax as the warm, gentle bubbles slowly massage and revive aching feet, while simultaneously stimulating the body’s reflex zones.

Last but certainly not least, runners can enjoy the exclusive Keep on Running foot and leg treatment. This 25-minute treatment is a little slice of heaven for tired limbs. To begin, one of our expert therapists will apply a sweet Mandarin and Neroli scrub to the legs, working down through to the feet. This will be followed by an energising ginger leg wrap, which works to stimulate and eliminate toxins from the body. Finally the therapist will massage a combination of warming ginger, marjoram and fresh rosehip oils into the lower body. This invigorating massage will encourage circulation and relieve any tension trapped within aching muscles and joints.

By the time the treatment has finished, aches and pains will feel like a distant memory; and runners will be gearing up for their next marathon, safe in the knowledge that with a little R&R at Moddershall Oaks they’ll feel good as knew.

£79 per person Tuesday to Thursday

£89 per person Friday to Monday

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The offer will run from June to September 2018. Subject to availability. A selection of arrival and departure times available for spa days.