MADE in Heaven!

Take part in our MADE in Heaven day!

Your 12 hour day will run as follows:


Saturday 8th February 2020

Saturday 13th June 2020

Saturday 3rd October 2020

Price £110 

Members Special £99

Email: / Call: 01782 399000


Why not upgrade to an overnight MADE in Heaven Retreat? 

Check into your 5* suite from 3pm, followed by a tour of the spa facilities and welcome mocktail. Immerse yourself into a vinyasa yoga class to kick off your retreat and switch off from the stresses of the outside world. Now that you’re relaxed, head down to the spa for an evening of me time before indulging in a delicious two course evening meal in our lakeside restaurant (£28pp food allowance) before retiring to your suite for a blissful nights sleep. Wake in the morning for 6.30am morning meditation followed by sunrise yoga and a healthy breakfast in our MADE cafe. Continue the relaxtion with our pranayama breathing and healthy hips yoga. Check out of your room at 12.30pm and join the rest of the group for lunch in MADE. Walking meditation in our woods will bring your experience to a close before returning to the spa for an afternoon of switiching off before checking out at 5pm and heading home on cloud nine.

Spa Break £439 for two people (£339 single occupancy)

Overnight Yoga Retreat full payment at time of booking. 

**See terms & conditions at the bottom of the page**


CALL 01782 969300 | EMAIL 

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Take time out of your busy schedule to focus on wellbeing, meditate your stresses, get back to nature, kickstart a new habit & really rejuvenate.

Set in 72 acres of peaceful, private woodland and parkland, Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat provides a stunning backdrop to a full day of mindfulness.

Your day in heaven includes access to our spa facilities including indoor & outdoor spa pools, kelo sauna & relaxation lounge with log fire.


6.30am            Arrival to MADE Wellness Centre

MADE is based at Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat, if you are using a satnav, postcode ST15 8WF takes you to the entrance. Park on the MADE Wellness Centre carpark – which is the first car park on the left as you come down the driveway to Moddershall Oaks.

6.45am            Morning Meditation

An introduction to three meditation techniques with an overview of how to create your own practice followed by a guided meditation: Awakening the Chakras with colour. 

7.30am            Sunrise Yoga

Yang style dynamic flow, focusing on ujjayi breathing, breathing in to our edge, lines of energy and respecting our limitations.

8.30am            Healthy MADE Breakfast

We will be serving complimentary hot drinks and your choice of;

Honey Nut Granola | Camomile Greek Yoghurt | Pink Grapefruit | Bee Pollen (V, GF) 

Apple & Pineapple Overnight Oats | Almond Milk | Banana | Toasted Coconut(VE, GF) 

Vanilla Oat Porridge | Sour Cherry Reduction | Dark Chocolate Shavings | Raspberries (VE, GF)

Chilli & Lime Avo Smash | Cherry Tomatoes | Poached Eggs | Smoked Salt | Sourdough Toast(V) 

9.00am            Pranayama Breathing

Pranayama is one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Learning to direct and control prana in the body has long been considered a crucial aspect of yoga. Join Helena as she teaches you new ways to use the breath to help combat stress and anxiety. You will leave feeling a whole other level of calm, with techniques you can use in your everyday life.

9.30am            Healthy Hips & Spine Yoga

The health of your spine is key to the health of your body. Helena will guide you through a blissful Hatha practice, focusing on the hips and spine. These areas are often places where we carry emotions and stress. You will leave feeling lighter, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

10.30am          Fresh Juices & Fruit

A selection of fruit will be available as well as one of our Tropical Mint freshly made juices, made with pineapple, cucumber, apple, mango and mint leaves.

10.45am          Cultivating Contentment

This session will centre around the second niyama Santosha which translates to contentment/ satisfaction. The focus will be around practicing gratitude by drawing attention to the many treasures and blessings in our lives. A guided flow will connect love and kindness, both towards ourselves and those around us, and enrich our sense of gratitude and contentment for the present moment. The session will conclude with a little exercise where participants write down 3 things that they are grateful for in this life.

11.30am          Soften & Surrender

Charlie and Grace will guide you through a beautifully sequenced practice inviting you to let go, breathe and surrender. Explore the power of allowing yourself to soften, noticing how easily and fluidly the breath moves through you. Loosen your grip on life, let go of resistance. Surrender to your inner wisdom and allow all aspects of your body, mind and soul to soften, opening you up to the infinite possibilities of your life.

12.30pm          MADE Lunch

We will be serving complimentary hot drinks and your choice of;

Toasted Almonds | Quinoa | Broccoli | Dried Cranberries | Feta Cheese | Lemon(V) 

Moroccan Cous Cous | Roast Sweet Potato | Cucumber | Pomegranate | Dried Apricot | Red Onion | Harissa Yoghurt (V) 

Roast Chicken | Wild Rice | Broccoli | Spinach | Kidney Beans | Cashew Nuts | Peanut Dressing(VE option no chicken)

1.15pm            Walking Meditation

A guided mindful meditation walk into the very heart of Mother Earth. Surrounded by nature, encompassed by beauty, enveloped in hope and lead by Grace. This guided session will bring your body and mind into sync through deepening your connection to your body and the earth. Every step you take will be grounding, every step will be nourishing your soul. Breathe, take mindful steps, and come back to your true home; yourself.

2.00pm            Prosecco Drinks Reception

We will guide you to Moddershall Oaks’ reception where you will have a quick tour of the facilities before getting into a fleecey robe and putting your feet up. But first… a glass of bubbles because – why not?!

2.00pm+          Moddershall Oaks Spa Use

Facilities include; sauna, outdoor vitality pool, relaxation room, steam room, swimming pool hydrotherapy pool, experience shower, reflexology footbaths and NEW sleep room. We provide robes and towels, please bring footwear & swimwear.

4.45pm            MADE Nibbles

Meet us back in the MADE café for some delicious nibbles before the last classes of the day. Complimentary tea and coffee is served with nut butter flapjack slices and energy balls.

5.00pm            Pilates & Autogenic Relaxation

Whilst Pilates does have a focus on posture, most of the chakras are aligned along the spine and so correct alignment will help to open up the chakras for enhanced movement of energy. The Autogenic relaxation consists of exercises that make your body feel warm, heavy and relaxed. You will begin by finding a comfortable position on the floor whilst the teacher instructs you to focus on different parts of your body whilst relaxing your breathing, encouraging you to visualize scenes that make you feel relaxed. As a Reiki Master Robbie has his own particular twist on this popular form of Pilates relaxation.

6.00pm            Moon Salutations & Healing Meditation

Whilst Sun salutations are a great way to energise the body first thing in the morning & increases the vital energy, Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskar) help you to channel the lunar energy which has a cooling and relaxing quality whilst simultaneously stretching the spine, hamstrings, and backs of the legs. They are especially nice to do in the evening as the meditative, calming quality of the poses helps to form a stronger connection to the breath, preparing the body and the mind for a guided meditation. Robbie’s chakra meditation draws on the earth’s energies for increased vitality, wellbeing and a peaceful, quiet mind by working to achieve the optimum level of balance and relaxation ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

6.45pm            Finish & Chakra Gift

Leave us feeling rejuvenated with a chakra gift to take home.

Outdoor activities are weather permitting.
Please bring warm clothing as we will go ahead with the outdoor activities if it is cool but dry.
Please inform us of any dietary requirements or allergies at the time of booking.
We will also need to be made aware of any health or mobility problems as the day may not be suitable or we may need to make some adaptations for you if possible.
To book you would pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 and the balance is due 14 days before the event.
If you cancel within the 14 day window you lose the payment. If you cancel before then, we will be able to transfer you to another date in the future.
Please bring a water bottle which you can refill with chilled water on site. We will provide refreshments.
We will provide you with sweat towels and yoga mats to use for the day (they must be left on site at the end of the event).