MADE to Cycle

Indoor Cycling at MADE


1 class £6
6 classes £32 (£5.33 a class)
12 classes £61 (£5.08 a class)

Purchase a 6 class pass and receive 1 free (£4.57 a class). Purchase a 12 class pass and receive 2 free (£4.36 a class).

Call 01782 969300, email, buy in our café or online now!

MADE to Ride!

A veteran to the indoor cycle world or never been on a bike in your life? Whether you know your IC5 from your IC7 or if indoor cycling is a new concept in your life then we’ve got classes and levels to suit you all.

From beginner to advanced, all our classes can be tailored to your exerperience using our IC7 indoor cycle bikes.


With 16 Life Fitness IC7 class bikes plus an instructor, our classes have the right balance of encouragement vs competition.

Equipped with Wattrate Full Colour computers, the screen simultaneously displays your training intensity for you as well as your instructor along with a host of information including RPM, duration, distance and can also be connected to heart rate monitors and other external devices using Bluetooth.

Your training data can also be recorded via the ICG Connect training app so that you can log your distances, improvements and more.

Our top of the game bikes allow you as the athlete to set the bike up easily yourself to ensure maximum comfort along with ergo-formed handlebars and soft PVC meaning that you are well moulded to the bike at all times.

And most importantly, a padded uni-sex saddle means that you’ll be able to join in class after class and not feel the burn….too much!


Our purpose built, state of the art ‘Cycle Cave’ helps bring our classes to life! Painted black, the dark ambience of the room really sets the scene, this paired up with our intelligent lighting system which can change colour and movement to the music means that we can create a little theatre in our classes.

Our Bose sound system means that whether it be an upbeat club dance class or throwing it back to the classics from the 80s, you’ll feel motivated by the tunes – hopefully helping you keep your mind off the class!

Finally, our full wall projector screen means that depending on the class type you could be cycling along a route in the South of France or challenging each other in a Coach by Colour interactive class.



Cycle Funk  45 mins

A party on the bike.. our fun, motivating, up-tempo workout to the beat.

Cycle Inferno 30 30 mins

An intense 30-minute blast.. maximising calorie burn with minimum time.

Cycle Performance 45 mins

Next level cycling disciplines.. chain gang, threshold, climbs, intervals and time trials.

Cycle 500 45 mins

Push yourself to the limit.. high performance cycling with the aim of burning 500 calories

Cycle Body Blast 45 mins

Dynamic, fast-flowing cycling.. you’ll be jumping, squatting, sprinting and punching.

Cycle Power Hour 60 mins

This class will push you to your limits with a 60 minute intense workout covering climbs, sprints and time trials.


Want to learn more, have any questions or want a tour? Call 01782 969300, email or pop in to our healthy café and speak to a member of the MADE team.

Café Opening Times: Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 8.00pm Friday – Sunday 8.00am – 5.00pm