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Lift your mood and boost positivity in just 30 minutes with Neom’s reviving and uplifting treatment.

Beginning with Neom’s signature mood-enhancing opening ceremony, your back will then be lightly buffed with the award-winning Great Day™ scrub, with invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin. Followed by a tension-easing massage, using the very best techniques of trigger point work and deep tissue, allow the rich blend of skin repairing vitamins A and E, safflower and jojoba in Neom’s Daily Boost Oil to soften, smooth and uplift the mind and body.

Continue your day with inspired positivity, a lifted spirit and mental balance.




Feel deeply relaxed and soothed in 30 minutes with Neom’s express stress-easing treatment.

Concentrating on key breathing techniques throughout, inhale the wonderfully unwinding scent of Neom’s signature relaxing scent, a complex blend of 24 calming essential oils including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, as the Real Luxury™ Intensive Skin Treatment Candle is drizzled onto the skin. Allow your therapist to focus on stress-relieving points on the back, harnessing the very best techniques from deep tissue massage and trigger point work.

Press pause and prepare to continue your day with a calm attitude and improved mental clarity.




Revive and awaken your mind and body with Neom’s stimulating signature foot treatment.

Starting with the Neom energising opening ceremony, feel recharged with the 24 invigorating essential oils of Feel Refreshed™ as you complete the deeply relaxing 7/11 breathing technique. Allow your therapist to deeply cleanse and soothe tired feet with the stress-easing Real Luxury™ Bath Oil, followed with a rejuvenating reflexology sequence with the exfoliating and mood-lifting Great Day™ scrub.

Leave your treatment in just 30 minutes with a refreshed and energised state of mind.