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It’s World Mental Health Day. Everyone needs and deserves to take some much needed ‘me’ time as it’s good for your mind and wellbeing. In August we launched our new on-site Wellness Centre called MADE. To show our support for World Mental Health day, we are launching our brand new Mindful Monday Spa Packages running every Monday till the end of 2018.

Our Mindful Monday Spa Packages incorporate the use of the Moddershall Oaks Spa, as well as our brand-new Wellness Centre MADE.

Mindful Monday Spa Day – £65.00 per person – Inclusive of: 

  • Arrival 9.30am – 4pm
  • Signature Welcome Drink
  • Made Protein Buddha Bowl
  • Made Smoothie or Mylkshake
  • 1pm Hatha Yoga
  • 2pm Meditation
  • Use of the Spa
  • Optional Swedish Massage +£25.00

Enquire Now or call us on 01782 399000

Mindful Monday Spa Evening – £45.00 per person – Inclusive of: 

  •  Arrival 4.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Signature Welcome Drink
  • 5pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Made post workout smoothie
  • Made protein waffles or pancakes
  • Use of Spa
  • Optional Swedish Massage +£25.00

Enquire Now or call us on 01782 399000


Find out more about MADE classes from the Mindful Monday packages:

We have incorporated Yoga into our Mindful Monday Spa Packages as there are proven benefits that yoga improves our mental wellbeing and ability to relax and unwind.

At MADE, we offer over 20 yoga classes a week and especially for you, we have chosen our most popular to try: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Meditation. If you needed a little help understanding the difference, we’ve created a Yoga-tionary.

Hatha Yoga – Hatha is the original form of yoga which all other styles have evolved from. It is a slow and steady flow focused on building strength whilst connecting mind, body and breath. You may not work up a sweat but you will leave feeling longer, looser and much more relaxed.

Meditation – Mindful meditation is a guided meditation to help you become more relaxed and in tune with yourself and how your inner most thoughts flow through you. Helping to relieve stress and anxiety, to become more aware of how your thoughts affect you and to view the world (and yourself) with less judgement.

Vinyasa Flow – Synchronising movement and breath; Vinyasa is a graceful flow which is sweaty, powerful and challenging (with just enough pause to allow for proper alignment). Vinyasa helps us to disconnect from the outside world and be completely present through the deep and steady rhythm of connecting breath and movement.

So, grab your yoga mat and get ready to OM, it’s time to focus on you…your mind, body and soul.


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Enquire Now or call us on 01782 399000