New Touch Therapy Massage treatment suitable for Cancer patients


Liz Oxley

Over several months we have been working hard with the Amathyst Trust and training our dedicated therapists to allow us to offer those suffering with Cancer a relaxing massage.

We’ve also carefully thought about which packages can be tailored to suit the very individual requirements that you may have. This now means that you are able to choose our packages and swap the treatment for the new Touch Therapy Massage which is suitable and just as relaxing but customised to suit you on that day.

Our Touch Therapy Massage can be used within spa packages or can also be purchased as a stand alone treatment.

Touch Therapy Massage is available as a 25 minute or 55 minute treatment.
Our Touch Therapy Massage has been specifically designed for cancer patients. Our nurturing Touch Therapy Massage involves adaptations of techniques and focuses on wellbeing. After a thorough consultation, your therapist will adapt and customise your treatment to suit how you are feeling on the day. (add amethyst logo attached)

Other suitable treatments: Some of our other treatments can be tailored to suit you. Following a consultation with one of our therapists on the day, we’re able to alter the below treatments to suit you;

All facials (apart from ELEMIS BIOTEC)
Poultice Powered Muscle Release
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Mineral Boost
Garden of England
Indian Head Massage
Neom well-being
Salt Scrub
Nourishing wrap
Elemis Couture touch
Limited edition treatments
Touch Therapy massage

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