Loose Leaf Teas



We serve teapigs loose leaf teas in our restaurant because we believe using quality real tea is really important.  Real whole leaf herbs and whole flowers are found in teapigs and we think they are the real deal.

Moddershall Oaks Everyday brew

Our signature blend of Assam, Ceylon and Rwandan tea 

Earl Grey strong

With essential oil of bergamot

Honeybush and Rooibos

A blend of rooibos and honeybush tree from the Cedabergh region of South Africa (naturally caffeine free)

Lemon and ginger

This all natural gingery, lemon brew will sweep you away to a hot summers day. But also great for those cold winter afternoons (naturally caffeine free)

Super fruits

A hibiscus tea base with real pieces of elderberries, cranberries, blackcurrants and blueberries which deliver a punchy, fruity taste (naturally caffeine free)

Mao feng green tea

The ultimate green tea, pure and unadulterated, just as it should be – even those who say they don’t like green tea enjoy this (naturally caffeine free)


The best camomile tea, just the whole flower to give delicious sweet, soothing flavour.  Drink to calm and aid sleep (naturally caffeine free)

Peppermint leaves

This whole leaf peppermint tea is mintier and fresher than any teabag mint you will have tasted before. (naturally caffeine free)

Loose Leaf Tea for Health

An average cup of loose tea contains only 1 calorie
A cup of tea with skimmed milk contains about 10 calories
A cup of tea with semi-skimmed milk contains about 14 calories
Scientific Research suggests that tea is second only to water as the best drink for rehydration
Tea contains half the caffeine of brewed coffee
A cup of loose tea with semi-skimmed milk is virtually fat free
Loose tea naturally contains anti-oxidants
Tea is the biggest provider of flavonoids in the UK marketplace
Switching from a latte a day to a cup of tea could save you over 1500 calories a week


Enjoy our selection of loose leaf teas with our quintessentially English afternoon tea.

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