Skinny Prosecco is here……

Skinny 4

We’ve teamed up with Skinny Prosecco to bring you our Healthy Hedonism Spa Experiences!

Why do we ❤ Skinny Prosecco so much?

❤ It’s organic….
ABSOLUTELY NO PESTICIDES are used to grow Skinny Prosecco’s 100% organic Glera grapes

❤ It’s certified vegan….
Many sparkling wines achieve their crystal clear clarity using animal by-products as filters. You won’t find anything but the finest vegan ingredients in Skinny Prosecco

❤ It’s made with around half the sugar of traditional prosecco….
All Prosecco contains sugar, BUT Skinny Prosecco is made with just 7g of sugar per litre compared with 12/15g of sugar per litre found in traditional prosecco.

It tastes deliciously light & perfect for celebrating some time out!

In the words of Amanda Thompson, Thomson & Scott Founder and CEO:
“Everyone asks what’s in their food but not what’s in their bottle”

This makes a whole lot of sense to us so we knew we had create something really special….just for you!  So…. we’re excited to announce ‘Healthy Hedonism’!

Why ‘Healthy Hedonism’?

HEDONISM: a mindset where the pursuit of pleasure & happiness is the aim of life!

We love the idea that having a healthy approach to the pursuit of pleasure & happiness is key to our lives!  Our lovely guests often tell us how they really feel the benefit of taking some time out with loved ones every now and again….. including a little but of indulgence!

Choose from our spa day or spa break experience and feel better!

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Includes: glass of Skinny Prosecco, superfood smoothie bowl, spa, lunch & a Dark Chocolate Melting Body Wrap treatment (25 mins).

Tuesday – Thursday £115 each
Friday – Monday £130 each


Includes: glass of Skinny Prosecco, superfood smoothie bowl, spa, 2-course evening meal, overnight stay with freshly cooked breakfast & a Dark Chocolate Melting Body Wrap treatment (25 min).

Sunday – Thursday £349 based on 2 sharing a Studio Suite, £473.50 based on 3 sharing a Studio Suite
Friday – Saturday £379 based on 2 sharing a Studio Suite, £518.50 based on 3 sharing a Studio Suite

Please note glass cannot be served in the outdoor pool area – image for illustration purposes.  Healthy Hedonism packages are available February to May 2018. T&C’s apply.  Subject to availability.  Not available as a voucher.  A selection of arrival and departure times available for spa days.  Prices based on two or three sharing a studio suite room for spa breaks.