Limited Edition Treatments

Limited Edition Treatments

Treatment offers ranging from limited edition seasonal treatments to combination treatments deals = suitable for expectant or new mums.


£30 (25 mins)

Shoulder, neck and scalp massage with a strengthening and moisturising hair treatment! Unwind with a massage to the décolleté, shoulders and neck with a calming oil, before the hair therapy is applied and massaged in. This vitamin E, green tea, chamomile and jasmine concoction is a purifying, restorative and hydrating hair and scalp therapy. Condition, strengthen and smooth the hair, whilst the chamomile soothes the scalp. The result is a gleaming, healthy and supple ‘swoosh’! Suitable for all hair types and colours.

Moddershall’s Radiance Body Glow Collection

£40 (25 mins)

Say goodbye to lacklustre skin and replace it with some serious radiance.

Our Radiance Body Glow treatment is the perfect way to improve circulation and keep your complexion radiant and glowing. Polishing away dead skin cells delivers a deep-down cleanse, rejuvenates and brightens and can help with excess oil, blackheads, rough skin texture, acne scarring and hyper pigmentation.

To begin, enjoy a welcome touch to the feet with warm mitts followed by a full body brush, removing toxins and stimulating circulation. A nourishing oil is applied all over your body for essential deep moisturising before a scented salt scrub is applied to buff, polish and remove dead skin cells. Warm mitts are used to remove the scrub, leaving your skin not only feeling smooth, silky and glowing but smelling good enough to eat too!


£30 (25 mins)

Body scrub for the back with natural oils & sea salt. Followed by a tension releasing back massage to key areas of concern using our invigorating massage oil. 


£35 (25 mins)

Inspired by crisp winter mornings loaded with marjoram, ginger, clove, spearmint & peppermint to ease aches & pains. Drift away with this relaxing massage for the back of the body.