Treatments to boost sleep in the smartphone obsessed world…


Larissa Wilcox


EVIDENCE is emerging that our obsession with smartphones, tablets and games consoles is bad for our health.

In particular, scientists believe that exposure to blue light from such devices in the evenings can ruin sleep. By tricking the body into thinking it is daytime, the light suppresses the release of melatonin — a hormone that helps us relax – and disrupts our body clocks.

England’s chief medical officer, Prof Dame Sally Davies, warned earlier this year that more research is needed on the effect of gadgets on health, but urged everyone to turn them off at night.

‘There is increasing public and policy concern about the impact of computer/smartphone screen use, and ‘blue light’ upon human health,’ she wrote in her most recent report in March this year, you can read more health news at

Sometimes, however, it’s not practical to give up your smart phone completely in the evening, especially if you are waiting for an important work call or email.

But all experts agree that time away from screens and the social media and work pressures that go hand-in-hand can only be a good thing.

At Moddershall Oaks our special evening NEOM Prepare for Perfect Sleep Treatment is the perfect antidote to those struggling with the stresses and strains of modern life.

The treatment involves a soothing skin candle being drizzled onto the skin and calming scents to make guests feel deeply relaxed and sleepy.

Often sold as part of our evening ‘tranquil indulgence’ packages, guests are encouraged to get out into the fresh air and watch the sunset behind our private woodland or take a twilight dip  under the stars in our heated open air vitality pool, while also enjoying the warmth of our outdoor fireplace.

Penny Weston, Director of Moddershall Oaks, said: ‘Everyone has such fast paced busy lives these days and thanks to smartphones and tablets the office tends to come home with us.

‘Research shows, however, that getting quality sleep is vital for health. We have specialist sleep treatments that can really help our guests wind down after a day at work. They frequently tell us that the tranquillity of our setting and spa really helps them get away from the stresses of life and allows them to recharge their batteries.’

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