Wedding Planning Checklist – Preview


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If you’re recently engaged, setting a date for your big day or just starting to plan your wedding, there’s a good chance stress levels are rising. There is so much to think about! That’s why we’re putting together a handy timeline infographic to guide you through the important steps; from initial wedding inspiration right through to last minute checks.

Wedding planning is a big job. There’s a lot to remember, to organise and to juggle all at the same time. Over the years we’ve hosted large weddings, intimate weddings, themed weddings and everything in between here at our fabulous wedding venue. With the help of our experienced in-house wedding planners, they always go off without any hiccups – and now we’ll be sharing our top tips with you.

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We believe that while your wedding should be a special day, the build up to it should be just as special. As well as giving you peace-of-mind that everything is in order, we’ll be pointing out all of the fun things you can look forward to, so you can be excited about the next steps.

There are some great digital tools and apps out there to help you keep things organised too. We’ve come across them all at one point or another, so we’ll mention a few of our favourites along the way.

wedding planning checklist

We know from talking to our brides and grooms that the biggest worries usually centre on the vendors. Will the cake be ok? Will the flowers be good enough? Will the band turn up on time?

Our Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist will tell you the best times to book, to double and triple check, to pester and to pay your vendors to make sure they’re on the ball without making too much of a nuisance of yourself!

We’ll also include tips on how to stay cool, calm and relaxed. We know a thing or two about the importance of a little me-time – many of our brides stay in our award-winning spa and luxury hotel rooms in the run up to their wedding day. With everything on our checklist taken care of, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and look forward to a perfect day.

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We’ll be releasing the full infographic for you to bookmark soon. Check back here in a few days, sign up to our newsletter below or follow us on Twitter @ModdershallOaks or Facebook to be the first to see it.

If you need any more information in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact our wedding planners on 01782 399 000 or by using our weddings enquiry form.