New Wedding Planning Infographic Coming Soon – Sneak Preview


Moddershall Oaks

Are you planning a wedding? Perhaps you’re already in the thick of it all, perhaps you’re just starting out. Either way I’m sure you’ll agree that wedding planning can be complicated.

They say that the hardest part of doing anything is getting started, and that is certainly true with wedding planning. There’s a whole lot at stake – including money, dreams and memories that are likely to last a lifetime. Eek! With so many pitfalls and obstacles just waiting to trip you up, initial preparation is everything.

That’s precisely why we’ve put together a handy infographic outlining the 5 most common wedding planning pitfalls… and how to avoid them!

Things like ordering flowers on time and booking transport to the venue are a given – you don’t need telling how imprtant those things are (particularly if you use our ‘Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist‘). So rather than focusing on such obvious pitfalls, our wedding planning experts here at Moddershall Oaks have highlighted the things they think are most likely to trip up even the most organised brides and grooms to be.

What’s more, they have put their heads together to come up with solutions – giving you real insight into the wedding planning process to suggest solutions that they have seen work in the past, drawing from their years of experience with real weddings.

wedding planning pitfalls

Check back here in a week or so to see the full infographic – are you heading for an unfortunate wedding planning pitfall? Even if you are, we’ll be sure to set you back on course for the perfect big day.

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If you need any more information in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact our wedding planners on 01782 399 000 or by using our weddings enquiry form.