An Outdoor Wedding Could Be Your Perfect Match

There are lots of great reasons to choose an outdoor wedding!

Here at Moddershall Oaks we have a beautifully renovated outdoor lakeside wedding venue, surrounded in picturesque woodland. There are plenty of excellent reasons why our outdoor venue will be the perfect match for you and your partner; gorgeous, airy surroundings and beautiful food and drink being just two of them. Read on to find out whether an outdoor wedding could be the right choice for your wedding day.

1. Outdoor weddings are more eco-friendly

Depending on how you style your day, choosing an outdoor wedding venue can be a great eco-friendly option, especially if you have the ceremony and reception together in one place and opt for recyclable or reusable decor. This means you can take advantage of natural light and heat provided by the sun, and having a single venue means your guests are not producing any emissions by travelling from place to place. Outdoor weddings are ideal for any time of the year, but are especially popular in spring and summer when the surrounding woodland is at its greenest and most lush.

2. You will be surrounded by nature

One of the main reasons that couples choose an outdoor wedding is that they want to be surrounded by the beauty and drama of nature. Our outdoor wedding venue benefits from not only the atmosphere created by the sparkling waters of our lake but also from the picturesque woodland surroundings which create a stunning backdrop for your celebrations. Choosing to get married in an airy, outdoor venue can give your wedding a fairytale quality that is very difficult to replicate indoors.

3. You will have amazing photo opportunities

Most photographers will tell you that natural light is hard to beat when it comes to snapping beautiful portrait photographs. It flatters faces of all ages and skin tones and is something that you will definitely appreciate when you are looking back through your photographs of the day. Bear in mind that the quality of natural light changes throughout the day.

If you are having your wedding ceremony and reception in the same outdoor area then the photos taken during the middle of the day will have a different feel to ones taken in the afternoon, and evening photos will again have a different feel to ones taken earlier in the day.

Our outdoor wedding venue features ambient lighting which will take you seamlessly from day to evening while adding character and atmosphere. One of the less obvious advantages of choosing an outdoor venue is that it allows your photographer the space they need to move around and capture those precious moments without causing a distraction.

Kerry and Richard Dolman April 2017

4. Creative freedom

If you have found that trying to match your personal style with the style of indoor venues a challenge, then choosing an outdoor venue might give you the levels of creative freedom that you need. Our outdoor venue can be dressed up to stamp your personalities on your big day, or can be dressed down to let the natural ambiance and atmosphere shine through.

Lauren & Greg Hill Oct 2017

5. An intimate atmosphere

There is something about outdoor weddings that makes them feel intimate and and personal. This is thanks in part to the fact that outdoor settings are a blank canvas which can be tailored to your tastes, with the added benefit of feeling spacious and uncrowded. Another benefit to choosing an outdoor wedding is that the seating can be arranged more creatively than most indoor spaces, and if you are planning a small, intimate wedding then the space will accommodate your party without feeling empty.


Moddershall Oaks – A fairytale wedding venue

We have a selection of wedding packages and bespoke options available year-round. If you and your partner are considering an outdoor wedding then please do get in touch and have a chat with our wedding planners. We also have regular wedding open days, so keep an eye on our upcoming events for more information.