Winter Warmers – Limited Treatments


Liz Oxley

We can’t think of anything more amazing right now in this weather than one of these Winter Limited Edition treatments! Yes please! Which treatment’s got your name all over it?

Just as quickly as the British summer arrives it can feel like the first crisp nights of Autumn/Winter are on our doorstep; so when shorter days become longer nights and even the Indian summer is turning in, we find ourselves ready to seek some comfort from the chilly British winter outside.

Perfecting the art of cosy nights in, indulgent hot drinks and wrapping up warm by the outdoor fire, we’re excited to exclusively launches our new Winter inspired treatment menu to relieve those potential winter woes.

With a rich combination of autumnal fruits, ginger, peppermint and spices, each limited edition treatment is full of delicious ingredients to stimulate, warm and deeply soothe troubled skin. From fragrant clove to mineral salts, the new treatment menu will leave guests feeling radiant, rejuvenated and ready to tackle winter head on.

Treatments open to public – come and indulge with us! Call 01782 399000.

Soleful Foot Treatment – 25-minute | £30
Combining Autumnal fruits and spices this treatment is a real thick sole food feeder that will buff, soothe and help eradicated chapped and cracked skin on the heels.

Buffed Body Scrub – 25-minute | £30
This autumn inspired body scrub combines natural oils and sea salt to release dead skin from the back. The scrub is followed by a tension releasing back massage using an invigorating massage oil.

Peppermint Musclease Massage – 25-minute | £30
Inspired by crisp winter mornings and loaded with marjoram, ginger, clove, spearmint and peppermint, this treatment will ease aches and pains, allowing guests to completely drift in to a relaxed state of mind.

The Ultimate Treat… Festive Feelings (Hand or Foot) – 55-minute | £60
House rum & orange zest with toasted cinnamon, spicy cloves, and aromatic vanilla laced with orange zest. A tonic to warm the spirit and flood the senses. This is the ultimate treatment for pampering winter skin with a nourishing scrub, Illuminating cream mask, tantalising gold shimmering honey gel with a file
and polish of your choice.